A comprehensive Android manager for Windows


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QtADB is a tool that allows you to manage every aspect of your Android device (whether a smartphone or a tablet) from your desktop computer. All you need is a USB cable and a 'rooted' device.

From the application, you can copy files and folders to your desktop from your Android and vice versa, as well as eliminate or even create new directories inside your smartphone. In a similar vein, you can install and uninstall applications, and create backup copies of apps in APK format.

Another interesting option included in QtADB is that it allows you to open your device's 'shell', so you can take automatic screen captures and save them in PNG format.

Some more advanced options include cleaning up battery statistics and carrying out a nandroid backup/restore in a matter of minutes.

QtADB is a management tool for Android devices that comes with a pretty easy-to-use interface and a number of really impressive features. The only problem you might have would be completing the requirements necessary to begin to use the app in the first place.